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A Therapy of Light, Heat, and Crystal

My name is Winston and I am a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Sound Healer, and Herbalist.
Our mats lined with natural gemstones are used for Yoga, Wellness, Massage, Traditional Chinese Practices, Comfort & General Well-Being. 
We have a wide choice of high quality natural Amethyst lifestyle enhancement products: powered and non-powered mats, bed mats and covers, pads, carpets, pillow covers, shoe insoles and other products at affordable prices. 


A Therapy of Light, Heat, and Crystal

Healingtouch Garden strives to be the best, most informative, ethical, and customer friendly site for the Amethyst Biomat and other innovative Richway products (Quantum Energy Pad, BioAcoustic Mat, and more…) in the WORLD!

We have been in business over 13 years and have a ton of experience to help you with these products. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction!

If you have any questions before your purchase, we are available via Live Chat, Phone and Email.

These revolutionary healing tools are used for both home and professional use.


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The Biomat uses far infrared light technology combined with negative ions to deliver effective and quickly noticeable pain relief. People suffering from accidents, recovering from surgeries, arthritis, or just overall back and neck tension from a stressful day report that the Amethyst Biomat makes a dramatic difference in their Lives, components and value

  Mini Biomat • Amethyst Biomat Professional • Amethyst Biomat Professional Pillow Set

Upgrade Your Bedor Massage Tableory

Imagine adding a layer of Amethyst Crystals to your bed that emit warm rays of beneficial healing light. While you sleep, you receive the healing powers of the Biomat all night long. The negative ions will help you relax into theta states of being and you will wake up feeling deeply refreshed for the day. It is also major upgrade to a massage table to do healing therapies upon.


What is Most Noticeable when you lay on a Biomat (even if only for 15 minutes) is that you begin to deeply relax and feel really good. This is in part from the healing trilogy of far infrared rays, negative ions, and amethyst crystals combining to make a very unique healing bed unlike any other in the world. You will notice a dramatic effect in relieving stress in your body at the end of a busy day. 

Biomat Health

Healing Touch Garden is a family business in operation since 2008. Our main focus is to have happy customers, and it has always served us well. We are authorized distributors for Richway International Inc. and closely follow their recommended best practices and guidelines.
We value fairness and truthfulness in advertising, and moral substance over profit

Richway Biomat Store

Richway's Biomat is the future of healing. Richway itself has been surprised at the welcome into the health community that the Biomat has created. Professional athletes have been looking to the Biomat for a physical and mental edge. We have FDA approved class II medical devices at the best prices available...you can buy your Biomat here.

Richway Amethyst Biomats are a revolutionary technology and are made with Amethyst crystals which produce far Infrared rays and negative Ions, both of which can help heal the human body. Biomats come in many sizes, including king, queen, single, mini and professional size which is perfect for massage, chiropractic, sports training, and medical tables.

Using Your Body To Heal Itself

Richway Biomats emit infrared rays. There is no more powerful healer than your own body. We have, inside ourselves, most everything we need to defeat most injuries, sicknesses and ailments. You can harness those natural healing properties and make them go into high gear, boosting your immune system and giving you more energy!

The Biomat can use the synergy from Far Infrared Rays for deep heat that penetrates your body and warms it into a false "fever" while Negative Ions stimulate cell activity. Amethyst stone is used for it's natural healing properties. All three work together and can help your body heal itself

Order A Biomat TodayFor Better Health, Self-Healing and Disease Prevention

Research has shown that cancer cells will die at 113°F while normal cells will flourish at this temperature. Richway's Biomat warms the body without getting as warm itself so it is safer than a heating pad and penetrates the body up to six inches, something a heating pad could never do. Regular heating pads emit little or no infrared rays while Biomats produce them in huge quantities per square inch. Heating pads don't produce Negative Ions. Heating pads can be fire hazards, not Biomats. Richway Biomats reduce electricity consumption by 60%. Now you can read about how one doctor used infrared therapy in his cancer research in "The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees". Biomats are great for back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis; and a new study shows biomats can reduce stress by 78%. Biomats are rapidly becoming a popular alternative for a wide array of ailments.

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